Visiting REE and critical elements factory NPM Silmet AS in Sillamäe, NE Estonia
September 20 2021.
7.30-18.00, departure from, and return to Swissôtel, Tallinn
Minimum and maximum number of participants: 10-17
Price: 60€, including lunch.

NPM Silmet belongs to Neo Performace Materials Group that has its headquarter in Canada. Located in the northeast of Estonian Republic and is one of the biggest rare metal and rare earth metal producers in Europe. Silmet operates three factories: metallurgical factory, rare metals factory, and rare-earth metals factory. Annual production ranges up to 3000 mt of rare earth products and 700 mt of rare metal products like high purity niobium, tantalum metal. History of Silmet dates back to 1926 when Swedish-Norwegian “Estonian Oil Consortium”, controlled by Marcus Wallenberg, was established to build a shale oil extraction plant in Sillamäe.